Widow Von’Du Has Finished Her “Drag Race” Run, But Her Future Is Hardly “Rapped” Up

Straight out of Kansas City MO, Widow Von’Du kicked off this season of Drag Race with a scorching lip sync against Gigi Goode (and in front of guest judge Nicki Minaj) that let us know that this Midwest queen meant business. Widow slowly emerged as both a talented and truthful competitor, holding her fellow sisters accountable for their various infractions or comments. While her run on the show has ended, Von’Du is ready to take on the music world. I sat down for a chat with the Missouri queen to talk about her run on Drag Race, being the Greek chorus of the season, and why a rap career might be the next stop for her career.


Michael Cook: The RuPaul’s Drag Race experience has wrapped up for you; now that the experience has ended, how do you look at the whole experience?

Widow Von’Du: Like I said on the show, you gotta go through some shit to see some shit. I think that’s really what I did; I went through some shit to see some shit. Now that it’s over I’m ready to see some shit (laughs)!

MC: You were the “Greek chorus” of sorts this season. As the season progressed, you definitely spoke for much of the audience and your commentary was many times, exactly what a lot of the viewers were thinking. Do you think that’s a fair assessment?

WVD: Yes, absolutely! All of the gif’s and memes that I ended up tagged in, I started to realize that people actually enjoyed that I was keeping it one hundred! I mean, I’ve watched the show long enough, and I was just wishing that the girls would say how they actually feel.


MC: Speaking of, was it frustrating that you consistently had to serve as the “truth cannon” of sorts and constantly call the girls out and ask them to be honest about their feelings, rather than them being direct on their own?

WVD: I always think that if you got something to say, then say it. That’s how I was brought up at least. So that could be frustrating at times.


MC: In Kansas City, what does it take for a queen to make it happen in middle America drag?

WVD: Honestly, you just have to have something that the people really want to see. Give the people what they want. Luckily, what they wanted was me!


MC: The remaining girls look like they are definitely ready to keep fighting it out. Who do you think has it in them to take it all the way?

WVD: I am definitely rooting for Jada Essence Hall, for sure; That is my girl!

MC: All Stars is always a fantastic opportunity for the ladies to return for their individual “Ru-demption”. Would you return for an All Stars run if asked?

WVD: Oh, I’m ready for them to let a bitch back in the game (laughs)! If I come back, It’s with a whole slew of new things!


MC: Many people go into the Drag Race experience and come out very different than how they went into the experience at the beginning. What lesson do you think you learned the most from the whole experience?

WVD: That I had a whole bunch of stuff that I had never dealt with. I knew that getting on the show that I was talented and that I had a lot to offer. I am honest and my performances speak for them selves. I realized that I had a lot of stuff that I had never dealt with in my life. Now it is unfolding and I am in this high pressure situation.

Photo Courtesy of VH1

MC: It seemed that the viewers started to fall in love with you when we saw the the heart within Widow Von’Du was as big as the personality you exhibited. Was it hard to be so brutally honest about your life, knowing it would air on national television?

WVD: It was really hard. I had spent thirteen years of my life hiding behind being Widow. Now people are seeing Ray. It was a complete cluster at home for me watching it. I had never let people in, and I knew so many people from Kansas City for years. They now are able to understand why my exterior is so tough. It’s like “now you understand what I’m such a bitch”!

MC: Your single “Yes Bitch! She Might Be” is absolutely amazing. Can we expect more music from, the Widow Von’Du?


WVD: That’s just the tip, trust me! I have been writing music ever since I was fourteen years old. I had a song that was played for a while when I was fourteen actually (laughs). I have always been writing and I told myself that one day I would have a platform where I could release my music to the world as a “gay rapper”! This is before we actually had big name gay rappers, and now I want to be one of them. I just want people to be home cooking and just dancing to “Yes Bitch She Might Be” (laughs)! My album is coming out October 31st, and I can’t wait; be ready! 

MC: During these truly unprecedented times that our country is in, how are you staying inspired and creative during this time?

WVD: I’ve been writing a lot of music and working on a lot of side projects. I’ve been working on a big show for when this is all over and we are able to actually go out and see each other again. I have literally been building for what is going to happen next when this is all over. I am ready to give you the experience!

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” airs Friday night on VH1 (check local listings) 

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