Will Brandon Baker Win Season 6 of ‘The Circle?’

Photo Credit: Netflix

Season six of Netflix’s The Circle premiered on April 17, 2024.

While noteworthy cast members include an AI robot and Kyle Fuller, a basketball point guard for Club Atletico Aguada, viewers are absolutely falling in love with Brandon Baker. 


The Circle follows a group of contestants as they’re sequestered in swanky apartments, never having the opportunity to meet any of the other players until they’re about to be evicted. Instead, they communicate through a social network of sorts – The Circle – where they create alliances, catfish, lie, scheme and experience personal growth. The winner of each season walks away with a cash prize of $100,000.

The reason I’m doing a profile on The Circle is to highlight its gay contestant, Mr. Brandon Baker. 


Scrolling through his social media profiles, I can see that Brandon is a comic, a nurse, a pop culture dictionary, a food & drink enthusiast, a cat dad and devoted friend. Not to mention, he’s easily one of the most popular contestants on season six of The Circle.

And it’s also worth mentioning that he’s playing as a catfish – his real-life friend, Olivia. 

Will the 34-year-old win this season of The Circle and earn his place in the history books? Will he become one of the very few gay contestants to win the competition on a global scale? Tune in to Netflix on May 8, 2024 to find out!

Good luck, Brandon! 


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