Will Update To The Weather Girls’ Hit Replace The ‘Men’ Version?

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Are we ready for The Weather Girls’ hit “It’s Raining Men” to be retired to the gay anthem shelves?  This weekend the airwaves and meteorological services received a new or updated version of the 1982 hit.  Mila Jam (she/her) forecasts the next storm to hit the dancefloor with her incarnation of 80s smash hit titled ‘It’s Raining Them’. Jam and producers “updated” the track’s lyrics to include everyone and celebrate non-binary and trans artists, the community and music.  

It’s Raining Them’ is now full of inclusive pronouns and updated adjectives that welcome all to the dancefloor. It’s not just “men” turning to “them”, as the lyrics change from “Tall, blonde, dark and lean / Rough and tough and strong and mean” to “Cool, bold, strong and keen / Proud and loud and here and seen.” The new track also has the full support of ‘It’s Raining Men’ original songwriter, Paul Shaffer (he/him). 


We all definitely remember that the original was belted out by The Weather Girls (1982),

and some may even remember (I clearly do not) the 2001 version by Geri Halliwell.


“It’s an honor to perform ‘It’s Raining Them’. For all artists in the LGBTQ+ community I believe the future is ours, it’s now, and we must shine. We haven’t always been in this position, so I think it’s important that we tell our stories and make some good out of it. I really hope this record helps more of my siblings feel included. We’ve always been here, we aren’t going anywhere, and we must continue to dance.” – Mila Jam

Nigel Harding (he/him), VP of Artist Relations at Deezer also added: “Trans and non-binary people have been marginalized throughout history, including within the LGBTQ+ movements. We want to do our part by giving the community a voice and a platform to be heard. We’re proud to support amazing artists and activists like Mila Jam. We will continue to celebrate Queer and LGBTQ+ music with our dedicated Queer Culture Channel and remain as an ally and a friend for the whole community.” 

To ensure the lyrics of ‘It’s Raining Them’ were fully inclusive, Deezer worked closely with Gendered Intelligence, a charity that raises awareness of gender diversity and aims to improve trans people’s quality of life. Deezer also wanted to ensure it gave back to the community and has committed to donating all of its streaming revenue from It’s Raining Them to Gendered Intelligence for one year. The global streaming service will also provide free in-app advertising to the charity for its Free users to raise further awareness and encourage donations. 


“We are incredibly grateful that profits from this song will be directed back into our trans and non-binary communities. Through pop culture, we can  continuously evolve to encompass gender diversity and work hard to make everyone feel included and seen. We’re proud to be involved with this anthemic track and hope non-binary and other trans people will be playing it loud and proud, alongside everyone else.” – Jay Stewart (he/him), Chief Executive of Gendered Intelligence. 

The track release is part of Deezer’s wider commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. Earlier this year Deezer launched its dedicated ‘Queer Culture Channel’, which honors queer artists and creators with bespoke playlists, podcast recommendations and live recorded sessions. ‘It’s Raining Them’ will be a flagship track on the Queer Culture channel, with Mila Jam curating her own playlist dedicated to trans and non-binary artists. Deezer has also put a greater focus on non-binary performers, writers and singers as well as trans people, including the likes of Mykki Blanco, Christine and the Queens, Arca, Kim Petras, Sophie and Teddy Geiger. 

Mila went viral last year for writing ‘STOP KILLING US’ on her body at a Black Lives Matter protest – a response to the rising rates of Black trans femicide in the United States.

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So what do you think, Instincters? Will we hear this new rendition replace The Weather Girls’ ‘Men’ version? Will it just depend on what club, what night, what event the dj is playing at? If we’re all allowed to love who we love, does that go for song renditions too?

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  1. I can understand where, this is coming from – basically wanting to include ALL in the community; Overall the video was really nicely done but with this change, it defeats the purpose of the original song. Yes, the GAYS(Gay Males) had taken over the song and changed its meaning to match them a bit, and because of that its is now referenced back to it, but I don’t feel that song should have been made to be Politically Correct.


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