Will We Be Seeing Both Samantha Jones & Che Diaz Return To NYC?

When fans heard that Season 2 of And Just Like That had officially been green-lit, the rabid anticipation and myriad of questions started already; would we possibly see Kim Cattrall return as Samantha? Would the ultra-polarizing Che return? And Just Like That Showrunner Michael Patrick King recently spoke with Variety and we’ve gotten answers to those questions and more. The question of a return of powerhouse publicist Samantha Jones is something Kim Cattrall has already said is out of the question, but when King was asked if the character would return for Season 2, he answered with a resounding “Yes”! He was cagey about divulging further information, but did say “It’s all so new right now,” he said “One of my big rules is don’t tell things until they’re real”. He went on to add, “My goal is to bring all the characters into the mix together, so that they’re not so much on separate runways.”


As for a return of one of the newer characters in the Sex and the City universe, Che Diaz, you can expect a return of this ultra-polarizing character also. When we last saw the nonbinary podcaster/stand up comedian and new girlfriend Miranda, they had left New York City for bigger opportunities in Los Angeles. The action in Season 2 picks up three weeks after the final episode of Season 1, and while the writers’ room has just kicked off, show runner King has offered Ramirez one hint as to what may be to come; “The first season was judging a book by its cover, and Season 2 is about reading the book”. As for King, he is a big fan of both Che’s portrayer Sara Ramirez as well as the character they have brought to life. King told Variety “One of my burning passions about Season 2 is Che,” he says. “I want to show the dimension of Che that people didn’t see, for whatever reason — because they were blinded, out of fear or terror. I want to show more of Che rather than less of Che. Like, really.”

According to King, production of Season 2 of And Just Like That is poised to begin in October, with fans being able to dive into brand new episodes sometime in 2023. King said that loves the chance to be able to “further develop all the characters that came into play in the first season”. One character we will see is Carrie Bradshaw’s new potential beau, her podcast producer Franklin, played by the swoon-worthy Ivan Hernandez. When asked about his presence after the sudden death of Chris Noth’s Mr. Big in the premiere episode, King said “the reason Franklin is in the show is the unexpected…and the possibility”. 

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