Willam Opens Up About What REALLY Went on While on Drag Race

Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones has been binge watching Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race—yeah…she’s a little behind. But in here marathon of fabulosity her wig has been snatched time and time again as she grew fonder of Latrice Royale and the rest of the cast that made Season 4 one of the most memorable.

Quite possibly the best thing about her binge was her discovery of Willam’s controversial and shocking disqualification. The death-drop heard ‘round the world!

It led Leslie to inquire on Twitter:





…and wouldn’t you know it? Willam had some answers for her.

Via a series of long notes, Willam shared via Twitter some of the most intimate behind-the-scenes stories about Drag Racedom. She shares how rude the production assistants were and how mistreated they sometimes felt—not to mention when they were asked to not engage RuPaul in conversation.

The long tale ends with some of the reasons as to how and why she was disqualified from the competition. Incidents that pushed her beyond Rupaulogizing!




But Leslie wanted more and more—So Willam gave it one last go!

I smell a Tell-All book brewing…Willam, I want in as an editor!

Are these behind-the-scenes tellings of RuPaul’s Drag Race true? Is it possible that these harsh rules and parameters put on the contestants are irrational? Or is this just Willam being Willam?

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