Williams VS. Warwick Continues

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Wendy Came For Dionne Warwick’s Twitter Journey And It’s As Hilarious As You’d Expect

By now we all know that Wendy Williams is going to shade anyone and everyone. It’s a part of her schtick that works and why she’s been kept in the limelight for the last few decades. Here’s the gist: Iconic singer, Dionne Warwick, just joined Twitter in October and is having a blast letting her thumbs spout her words. She’s been poking fun of some current musicians like Chane the Rapper and The Weeknd. The Twitter-verse was shocked to see the almost eight-year-old singer online and she rebutted claims that she is having someone else tweet for her. Williams, being herself, spoke about Warwick adjusting to technology with the help of her niece and of course, the latter is pissed.


In her Hot Topics segment on December 9th, Williams comes for Warwick in many silly ways that you can’t help but laugh at. She sassily, and lovingly, stated:

“[Dionne] has haters because she’s gone on to be a Twitter person now. She’s never been involved [in social media]. She watches TV or sings songs or reads books or socializes…or moisturizers her hair. Or she’s brushing her teeth – she’s a beautiful woman. She doesn’t like me though, I know she doesn’t like me. She’s a friend to the show because she has something to promote and she’s smart. But, once she gets off the show you know [she calls me a] bitch. It’s okay, [Dionne]. I believe she’s doing her own tweeting, but I think [her niece] is her right hand. After Aunt Dionne does what she wants, after midnight, maybe after some [marijuana]…well, you remember a few years ago Aunt Dionne was stopped at the Miami airport. TSA stopped Dionne and opened up a lipstick tube and found eleven pre-rolled joints. So, you figure if that was five or ten years ago….eighteen years ago, she’s still [smoking] after midnight [with] a little bit and chardonnay. [You know her niece helped her with the camera work because people with big nostrils don’t look good in a low camera angle].

Check out the clip below for yourself and you be the judge:



However, Warwick’s clapback at Williams is heavy handed on what everyone keeps saying: Williams should be nicer. She’s slick with saying her name needs to remain out of William’s mouth… so we may never get another reunion of the two, but we can manifest in the meantime. Check out Warwick’s tweets, which seem to be from a veteran user of the website (she uses the clown emoji and states her tweets are being separated by using numbers) below:





It’s not that serious. Ryan Murphy won’t be creating a new FX series about the dueling pair, but it’s still some fun banter we can go back and forth with. Williams praised Warwick while speaking the facts and has no ill will towards the legendary singer. Williams even understands that the older generation does need to connect with the current times and they often need help with adjusting. Ironically, both Williams and Warwick were the fifth eliminated in their respective seasons of The Masked Singer. Perhaps there is a rematch the next time Warwick eventually appear on Williams’ show due to this rivalry? Williams, as she declared above, claims Warwick will eventually be back on her talk show when it’s time to promote something. Time will tell, but Warwick does seem a little sensitive. Maybe Twitter isn’t the best route. Warwick should know this by now. After claiming Beyonce wasn’t an icon in 2019, Warwick received massive hate from the Beyhive and they are all over Twitter.

While we may be able to laugh at the latest feud ignited by Williams, may we all wish her the best as she has told us that her mother, Shirley Skinner-Williams, a frequent and beloved special guest on her talk show, has passed “many weeks ago” according to New York Daily News. Her mother, aged 85, passed peacefully and was surrounded by love. Our thoughts are with Wendy and her mother’s celebrated, long, lively voyage of life and into blissful passing.

In the meantime, you need to get your snack ready for Lifetime’s Wendy Williams: The Movie, which premieres next month on the cable network.

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