World of Wonder Drops the Glamorous Trailer of ‘Avalon TV’

World of Wonder recently released the trailer for ‘Avalon TV’, which is the upcoming show of the iconic The House of Avalon.

(c) Instagram: @thehouseofavalon

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ stars Gigi Goode and Symone are a part of The House of Avalon, which also includes Marko Monroe, Hunter Crenshaw, Grant Vanderbilt, Caleb, and Rylie. Monroe is described as “the voice of reason, an open ear, and a shoulder to cry on.”


Meanwhile, his partner Hunter Crenshaw is referred to as “the Kris Jenner of the house.” Caleb is reportedly in charge of handling the group’s social media accounts, while Rylie is Symone’s makeup artist.

Moreover, the synopsis of the show reads:

“AVALON TV is an off-the-wall, over-the-top, and under-the-wig series that takes you inside the brains of LA’s hottest creative collective, The House Of Avalon. Whether it’s fashion, nightlife, drag, art, comedy, or media – this chosen family is creating one iconic pop culture moment after another, and skyrocketing to success by their own set of rules.”

Not to mention, the series also promises “real life drama, pranks, parties, and celebrity guests galore.” ‘Avalon TV’ is set to premiere on WOW Presents Plus on October 9. In the meantime, you can watch the V exciting and glamorous trailer here:


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