Would You Change Your Hobbies For A Man?

One Of The 13 Reasons Why Actors Believes You Should!

#WishyWashy! Okay, let’s be honest. At some point in your life, you likely changed something about you in order to get the attention – and affection – of someone you’re interested in. Nothing and no one is stronger than those butterflies you get in your stomach when we think that 'love is in the air.' Chances are you changed something about you, but would you switch all of your hobbies only because the guy you’re interested in lives a completely different lifestyle? One hottie from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why  seems to think so!



According to Cosmopolitan, Ross Butler, who returns as a regular cast member in Netflix’s most controversial series, believes one should become invested in the hobbies of the person they want to date. Butler elaborates:

“The way to a guy’s heart is through his hobbies. Find out what he’s passionate about, and if you really love him, get into it too. If I meet a girl who can talk video games, guitar, cooking, or good books, it’s a huge turn-on. And lots of guys like to teach, so if you can get hands-on with learning it, I’m telling you, you’ll get there.”

Learning about someone else’s interests is completely healthy. I may admit to visiting a gun range and I may have begrudgingly watched an 'Action Film' I didn’t care for, but I wouldn’t be able to mesh well with anyone who lived a completely opposite lifestyle than mine.  For instance, as I approach my late 20s, I’ve met countless bachelors who have vowed to sobriety, but as a mid-20s Millennial who still likes to kick a few back on the weekend; I find it difficult to try and date someone who wouldn’t participate in wine tastings and the like. There are some thing I will try and some things I cannot live without.

The idea that anyone should have to change their hobbies to appear more appetizing is downright a difficult pill to swallow. You’d technically be claiming to be someone you aren’t. Hypothetically, what if you decided to alter yourself to become something you aren’t to impress another person and you completely fail at it? I’m all for playing Clueless like Cher Horowitz and try to cook a meal before a guy comes over, but let’s get real, you won’t be with someone for too long if all you can do is try to fake it to impress him when it's not really you.

Although Ross Butler’s opinion may be – uhh, immature – for the lack of a better word, you can still catch his cuteness on the second season of 13 Reasons Why when it premieres May 18th on Netflix.

While you wait for the anticipated new season, I beg the question: Would you change your hobbies for a love interest?


h/t: Cosmopolitan

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