Would You Kiss Your Favorite Singer On Stage During A Concert?

Matty Healy? Know the name? Know the singer? The 33-year-old lead singer of The 1975’s, who is currently on tour, is blowing up the Internet for his antics on the stage. First, reports came out that he was eating raw meat, which sounds disgusting, and now there are numerous videos of the About You singer makes out with his fans during the band’s hit song Robbers.


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As previously reported by Uproxx, “at the band’s November 25 show in Las Vegas, during a performance of “Robbers” from the band’s 2013 self-titled debut album, Healy and a female fan he had invited on stage swayed in each other’s arms before kissing.” Uproxx also reported that “The next day, when the band performed in San Diego, at the same point in the show, Healy again kissed a fan, a male this time.”





What do we think Instincters, would you make out with your favorite performer if they pulled you on stage during a concert? I guess I would make out with Adam Lambert! Definitely not Sam Smith, he just annoys the F out of me. Have a great Monday, Instincters.


Sources: Uproxx

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