WWE’s Finn Bálor Shares Interesting Photo With Fellow Wrestler Seth Rollins

WWE star Finn Bálor has definitely become one of our biggest allies in professional sports. as he made a huge LGBTQ-inclusive entrance into WrestleMania  earlier this month. 


Although that move was met with some negativity, the response was overwhelmingly positive as he is helping pave the way for LGBTQ athletes to make their mark in an arena that they couldn't dream of doing even a couple of years ago.  

Now, he's sort of teased something on his social media regarding him and fellow pro wrestler Seth Rollins (who he lost to at WrestleMania back in early April).

Finn shared a photo of the two of them together, one shirtless, one not, with the caption "Finn & Seth" next to an emoji of two men holding hands.  Hmmm…



Finn and Seth

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The caption was left ambiguous, although its safe to say that the two will more than likely become a tag team of sorts for an upcoming match.  Besides, both men are straight (sadly), but hey… we can dream right? 

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