Xcellence’s New Single Merges Social Messaging & A Hip Hop Sensibility

This week, the Los Angeles based MC Xcellence! comes roaring back with “Wu Flu Pandemic,” his explosive (and beyond timely) new hip hop single that he hopes will raise more awareness about the dominating news story of the moment, the coronavirus. “This song is meant to get the word out to people about the seriousness of this virus,” he says. “I hope to encourage people to practice good hygiene and to pay attention to symptoms to protect the populace.”


“Wu Flu Pandemic” is a lighthearted, fun and danceable track with great word play that pays homage to the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, one of Xcellence’s favorite acts. Produced by Neighborhood Watch, engineered and recorded by Andrew Valdez, and being released through Xcellent music, Xcellence’s “Wu Flu Pandemic” is available on Spotify, Apple Music and all digital retailers.


Xcellence was compelled to craft the song two weeks ago, when he started seeing people everywhere, from Brazil Carnival, Venice Carnival, Milan Fashion Week, and Australian Gay Mardi Gras completely ignoring the known health risks of large gatherings. “I see my friends out there on social media just blissfully unaware of what’s going on in the world,” he says. He also argues that the White House, WHO, and CDC are completely downplaying the outbreak and refusing to call it a pandemic in fear of scaring the population and further hurting the economy. “This ignorance is bliss mentality has led to people not giving coronavirus the serious attention it warrants,” he continues. “We are not defined by tragedy but how we respond to it.” His message in “Wu Flu Pandemic” isn’t one of fear, but to simply be more careful, use better hygiene, wash your hands, and stay home if possible, and be aware that coronavirus is not an Asian, European, or Middle Eastern problem. It is a humanities problem.

Andre Xcellence’s “Wu Flu Pandemic” is available now on all streaming platforms. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram at @andreexcellence

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