You Can Identify As A Top Or Bottom On OkCupid Now?!

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Congratulations, LGBTQ OkCupid users. You now have 19 new ways to identify yourselves, find your tribe, and/or find the perfect date.

On Tuesday, June 22, OkCupid announced a new update through a blog post. In this update, 19 new optional tags were released for users to include on their profiles. Joining the already implemented 22 gender options and 20 orientation options, these new tags offer a variety of self-identifying terms.


Not only do the new options include sexual position preferences like “top” or “bottom,” but also gender preference tags like “Femme” or “Butch.” Body-based tags like “bear” or “otter” are also on the list, and so too are tribe tags like “Leather” or “Drag Queen/King.”

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“OkCupid has always been exclusively inclusive, and we continue to optimize the app for all users,” the company shared in the blog post. “This Pride Month, we’re excited to announce that we’ve created a dedicated space where our LGBTQ+ users can choose from an expanded list of over 60 identities to signal to other users who they really are and how they identify. Daters will not only be able to select these identities so they can share more about themselves with others, but they can also use them to filter for the types of people and relationships they’re looking for by setting them as preferences when searching for a match. All identities will be available by the end of this month.”

The full list of OkCupid’s 19 new IDs includes:

  • Bear
  • Boi
  • Bottom
  • Butch
  • Drag King
  • Drag Queen
  • Femme
  • Hard Femme
  • High Femme
  • Leather
  • Otter
  • Soft Butch
  • Stone Butch
  • Stone Femme
  • Stud
  • Switch
  • Top
  • Twink
  • Versatile
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In order to create this list of tags, OkCupid worked with several LGBTQ organizations and community leaders. This includes work with the Human Rights Campaign.

“Safety and inclusivity on dating apps is important not only during Pride, but all year round,” said Jay Brown, the HRC’s Senior Vice President of Programs, Research & Training, in a statement. “Allowing users to select from such a wide array of identity options will make many LGBTQ+ users feel more welcome on OkCupid, and will allow them to use the platform in a more authentic way.”

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