You Voted: What Are the 10 Greatest Madonna Songs of All-Time?

We here at Instinct Magazine ran a simple poll on our social media accounts Tuesday by asking the following question: what is your all-time favorite song by the one and only Madonna?

Boy did y’all let us have it. The overwhelming response to this question proves how many of us in the LGBTQ community are so galvanized by this one-of-a-kind pop idol, as the responses many of you gave us went beyond a simple song title… they had reasoning and memories as well.

Madonna has recorded hundreds of songs over her illustrious 30-plus year career which many of you touched upon when giving us your pick. Some went as far back to her career beginnings in the early 80’s, others chose her popular hits as she entered her early 30’s and some went very obscure with picks that this writer had no idea even existed!

Overall, 75 songs received at least one vote on our social media polling, proving just how diverse and amazing Madonna’s collection of hits really are. Which ones, however, got the most votes?

After tallying up the votes, there were ten that led more than all the rest. Number one and two wasn’t too much of a surprise, at least from this writer’s POV, however some of the other ones did surprise me as I didn’t realize how popular they are.

For instance, “Like a Virgin”, one of her longest running number one singles, only received a handful of votes. Other songs on the lower end of the voting totem poll included “Music”, “Holiday”, and one of my personal favorites, “Take a Bow.”

Here are the 10, however, that were answered the most frequently between yesterday and today. Did your favorite make the cut? Let us know!

1. “Vogue”

2. “Like a Prayer”

3. “Frozen”

4. “Express Yourself”

5. “Ray of Light”

6. “Hung Up”

7. “Into the Groove”

8. “Live to Tell”

9. “Borderline”

10. “Deeper and Deeper”

What do you think?