You Won’t Believe Who Murdered William Newton in 1990!

Photo Credit: Rachel Mason

After 31 years, a tragic gay murder is finally solved.

William Newton, a gay porn star who acted under the names Billy London and Bill E. London, had no idea his life was coming to an end while he was walking down Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood on October 29, 1990. However, as a terrible luck would have it, he crossed paths with true evil and his body was dismembered and thrown in a dumpster shortly there-after. 


Although there was renewed interest in the case over the last four years thanks to authors, documentary makers, podcasters and amateur sleuths Eric Shaw Quinn and Christopher Rice of TDPS Presents Christopher and Eric, the trail of the killer(s) remained cold until an announcement from the Los Angeles Police Department was made on February 7, 2023. 

According to LAPD Detective John Lamberti, film-maker Rachel Mason and gumshoe Clark Williams, Newton’s murderer has been identified as Daralyn Madden. Formerly a white supremacist and Neo Nazi of sorts named Darrel, Madden now identifies as a Jewish woman. Newton’s soulless murder must have been an act of self-hatred, as Daralyn was once a gay porn star herself. 


Daralyn is currently incarcerated for the murders of Steven Domer and Bradley Qualls. Domer was also a gay man and Qualls was her accomplice in the initial killings. 

Photo Credit: Lawton Correctional Facility

According to LA Times, Daralyn approached Newton with the intention of robbing him late-night on October 29, 1990. Daralyn confessed to the murder by saying she calmly told Newton she was going to rob him, kidnap him and “probably the beat the crap out of him,” but he would survive the ordeal as long as he didn’t make a scene or scream for help. Unfortunately, the last bit was a lie – as she ended up strangling him to death, which was confirmed by the coroner at the time, before dismembering his body. 

Despite the confession, Madden will not be charged by county officials as they believe there isn’t enough evidence to prove a guilty verdict. Madden has also failed to answer specific questions in regard to the case because she doesn’t want to point fingers at other accomplices. 


Instead the LAPD’s Robbery and Homicide Division is officially closing the case as they believe the killer is already in custody. At least now William Newton, dubbed ‘The Black Dahlia of West Hollywood,’ can finally find some peace 31-years later. 

Eric Shaw Quinn and Christopher Rice’s private investigation into this murder was undoubtedly a major part in solving the crime. At one point, the duo even set up their own anonymous tip line and, for a while, were starting to link Newton’s homicide to Jeffrey Dahmer; although that lead proved to be false. Eric and Christopher are interviewing one of the detectives who worked on this murder case this weekend and you can look for that follow up story exclusively here at Instinct Magazine!


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  1. Maybe things are slightly askew when a ‘former’ neo-Nazi multiple-murderer, incarcerated in a men’s prison, gets to choose to become a born-again Jew and reassign himself updated pronouns.

    I’m sure I’m wrong, though.


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