Your Big Blue Wig is About to be Snatched with The Simpsons/Drag Race Cross-over

Do you like The Simpsons? Do you like drag? Do you like The Simpsons and drag? Well, if you do, your big blue wig is about to be snatched!


At DragCon Los Angeles in May, RuPaul’s Drag Race season 3 winner Raja moderated a panel with Yeardley Smith (the voice of Lisa Simspon), Tress MacNeille (voices many supporting characters on The Simpsons), and Carolyn Omine (writer/producer) where they talk about the importance of having a Simpsons episode that features drag.

At the beginning of the panel Raja shares how influential the family on 742 Evergreen Terrace was on his childhood.


The panel also talks about an upcoming episode of The Simpsons that will air on November 18th where RuPaul will make a guest appearance. In the episode Marge begins selling ‘Tubberware’ and she’s not very good at it. Marge gets a makeover by a hair dresser ‘Julio’, who we later meet as ‘Penelope Cruising’, and gives Marge the confidence she needed to start selling the products non-stop. With her new look and new personality, everyone starts to think Marge is a drag queen so instead of bursting everyone’s bubble she goes along with the fierceness. But will she lip sync for her life?

Yesterday, Mama Ru shared what her character will look like in the upcoming The Simpsons episode. Her character Queen Chante bares a great resemblance to RuPaul—snatched and painted for the yellow gods! Shantay, you stay!





I’m “Queen Chante” on #TheSimpsons Nov. 18 at 8PM. So excited about this!

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Another great surprise that Drag Race and Simpsons fans discovered is that Raja, who moderated the panel at DragCon, will also be appearing on The Simpsons episode. Unlike RuPaul, Raja will be playing herself in the cameo and will share a scene with Homer.

Raja shared what her Simpsonized character will look like and shared a thoughtful note about what the experience has been like for her.


Wanna see some fierce queens take over Springfield? Tune in to The Simpsons on November 18th to catch the RuPaul’s Drag Race/The Simpsons cross-over you’ve always dreamed of!


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