YouTuber Bretman Rock Dreams Of Being The Rock’s Sidekick

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Bretman Rock is listing out his creative influences and dreams in preparation for his new show.

Earlier this week, we shared with you the trailer for MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock. The beauty guru, YouTuber, and social media personality’s life is being broadcasted to the world through MTV’s YouTube channel. The digital series will cover several topics and issues in his life. This includes dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, the loss of his father, his mother’s move, fights with friends, his artistic goals, and more.


Speaking of his goals, Bretman Rock recently went on the interview trail to promote the show. The content creator shared some of his creative influences and dreams in these interviews. On the first note, Rock shared that he celebrates his Filipino heritage and places it at the heart of all that he does. And who inspired him to do that? None other than Drag Race’s Manila Luzon, as he told PRIDE.

“My culture, I think Filipinos are just always just a crazy people, and I feel like I wanted to share that with the world and I feel like I’ve always been sharing my culture with the world,” Rock told PRIDE. “Filipinos are not really represented that much in media. I didn’t see any reality TV stars that looked like me until I started watching Drag Race and I saw Manila (Luzon). And back then, I think Manila was obviously in season three and I was sixth grade at the time, that’s really when it clicked in my head that I literally could do it too.”


But for the 22-year-old living in Hawaii, there’s another “Rock” that is inspiring him and his future. As Bretman, whose real name is Bretman Rock Sacayanan, told Page Six, he hopes to work with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sometime in the future.

“I was named after The Rock and I feel like our chemistry would be so f–king funny,” he said. “Like, you know what I mean? Having this big man with me!”

He then added that he would make the perfect sidekick for the world’s highest-paid actor, “I feel like I could be The Rock’s gay assistant or like something, you know, we’re like spies and I’m like, the second spy.”

If you want to judge for yourself whether or not Bretman Rock would make a great sidekick for The Rock, you can check out MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock on MTV’s YouTube channel.

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