Zac Efron & Jeremy Allen White on Nude and Near-Nude Scenes

Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White are starring as the Von Erich brothers, Kevin and Kerry, in the upcoming wrestling biopic ‘The Iron Claw’.

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Aside from the film’s focus on “love, family and loss,” which reportedly convinced Efron to accept the role, the ‘High School Musical’ alum and White are also expected to be seen in nude and near-nude scenes…


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the two actors with co-star Harris Dickinson looked back on filming what Efron described as the scenes where he “actually got to wear something.” 

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Meanwhile, Dickinson added that it was “quite weird being that naked in front of that many strangers.” White, on the other hand, found it daunting at first, but quickly got used to it.

“It’s kind of weird how quickly you get used to it though, isn’t it? The first day I was like a little bit [uncomfortable,] but then … in the end, I loved it,” ‘The Bear’ actor expressed.

In the upcoming drama/thriller film, Efron is starring as Kevin Von Erich, while White and Dickinson are playing the roles of Kerry and David Von Erich, respectively. Not to mention, Stanley Simons is portraying Mike Von Erich in the biopic.

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Moreover, the four actors shared how they formed a quick bond after marathon workouts and marathon meals, as they have to transform their bodies for their roles as the professional wrestling brothers.

Entertainment Weekly also noted that “sometimes the four brothers would go out to dinner, and together, they’d order a minor mountain of food.” ‘The Iron Claw’ is set to be released in theaters on December 22.

In the meantime, you can watch the official trailer here:


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