Zac Efron’s Hot Brother Dylan Has A Pretty Impressive Backside

Credit: Dylan Efron Instagram

There have been many attractive A-list brothers that have made us sweat for different reasons since the new millennium began. Some that easily come to mind include Chris & Liam Hemsworth and James & Dave Franco

Now we can add Zac & Dylan Efron to that list. Zac is the more known one of course given his meteoric rise to fame after appearing in the High School Musical movies. Dylan on the other hand has steadily built his own name by being more behind the camera as a filmmaker while also excelling in the fitness world. 


Both of the brothers have a lot in common. They have shredded abs and chiseled features that are fun to gaze at. The two men also dated a pair of sisters as well (Vanessa & Stella Hudgens).

Zac & Dylan have also managed to do the unthinkable in Tinseltown by staying out of any major tabloid drama that would hinder their careers and personal lives.


The Hollywood heartthrob made fans thirst for him even more when he morphed into a muscular & bearded daddy in his new documentary Down to Earth with Zac Efron that premiered on streaming service Netflix last month. 

Now Zac has some competition in the booty department thanks to this incredible photo of Dylan’s backside that OMG! Blog posted this week (link here). It appears as if he’s peeing on the side of the road, but regardless, the butt looks good. 

Compare Dylan’s to Zac’s, who has shown off his incredible behind in several movies including Dirty Grandpa and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (again, see here). 

Now you can play Who Would You Rather on a rather blah Tuesday. You’re welcome in advance. 

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