Zach Adam & Adam Joseph Battle Mental Illness in ‘Gravity’

Multi-talented out musicians Zach Adam and Adam Joseph are uniting on the first single from Zach Adam’s new LGBTQ music label, Magic Town Media, and fans will not be able to escape their “Gravity.”  

“Adam and I have been collaborating for years as songwriters, but this is the first time we are releasing an original track together,” explains Zach Adam, the international music and video maker whose incredible skills on stage and in the recording booth have earned him the moniker as “gay music authority.”  “Originally, we had the idea to do a song about love being a force of nature but a new, deeper, meaning and feeling began to develop as we started laying down vocals in the studio.”    

“Suddenly, our love and break up song revealed a layer that might raise awareness and give comfort to those who need it most,” says Adam Joseph.  Written by the powerhouse duo and produced by Zach, “Gravity” is a soaring pop track about yearning to overcome addiction and depression.  It features Adam Joseph’s soulful tenor vocals over lush synths, sweeping choruses and intense percussion. It is the first release from Zach Adam’s new LGBTQ music label, Magic Town Media, as well as the first single from his upcoming album, and to gain attention across a wide array of dance floors and media platforms, Magic Town Media is supporting the record with a superstar collection of remixes and a captivating music video. “Zach Adam Feat. Adam Joseph: Gravity” is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Zach Adam and Adam Joseph have had experience with depression and suicide, both personally and through people they loved. Says Zach, “We’re artists.  We feel things deeply and have had to go through the motions. I’m hoping this song and its music video spark a conversation about suicide and help to bring it out of the dark because change will only happen when the stigma loses its power.”

“It has taken me years to work through my serious battle with addiction and depression,” reveals Joseph.  “It is something I am still fighting today and will likely continue to do so for the rest of my life.  It’s not a feeling one can ever completely get over and that is why songs like ‘Gravity’ are so important.  They are tools of encouragement that help people like me by reminding us to keep moving forward.”

Adam Joseph is an award-winning vocalist, producer, recording engineer and songwriter. He has released two solo albums and been a featured vocalist on songs with Grammy nominated DJ/Producer Bob Sinclar, Wet Fingers, Plastik Funk, and Lem Springsteen of Mood II Swing.  He has been remixed by Bass Jackers, David Jones and Deeplomatik. Joseph has also written songs for #1 Billboard artists Inaya Day and Lea Lorien, among others. His latest viral smash, "Linda Evangelista,” featuring Aja from RuPaul’s Drag Race was featured on the reunion special of the popular Vh1 show. Adam Joseph has been featured in Billboard, OUT and Paper magazines, as well as The Village Voice, The LA Times and CNN.

Zach Adam, too, wears many hats.  He is an international songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, singer, photographer, director and music video producer. He’s the winner of the Billboard Pop Songwriting Award, Composer and Song Of The Year Awards,  and has had 17 number 1 hits in Asia and Europe as well as five Top 15 American Billboard hits. Zach has had success working in various genres with artists from Martha Wash, The First Ladies Of Disco, XELLE and Offer Nissim among many others. His most recent Billboard hit was “Light Beams” featuring Rony G. He also has a large Instagram following @zachadammusic.

“Zach and I started writing together a few years ago when I was still living in NYC,”  explains Adam Joseph. “I was a fan of the work he was doing with the group XELLE.  He kind of reminded me of myself except way better at everything. We started chatting online, then got together and clicked really fast from that first writing session.”

Many of their works have been recorded by other artists.  “Gravity” is the first to come along that Adam Joseph thought was right for him to sing on.   “Not only was it the perfect song for my register, it had a message I could connect with,” he says.  “With so many crises plaguing us from the opioid epidemic, teen bullying, trans rights, soldiers suffering PTSD… I really think the world needs ‘Gravity’ right now.   Its another gentle reminder that no one is alone in their struggle and that we must recognize our obstacles in order to overcome them.”

In addition to the radio version, Magic Town Media is releasing a remix package  for “Gravity” featuring dance versions of the song by DJ Pacifico, GSP, Max Grandon, Melodika, Angelino Loren, Pumpkin Spice, Thiago and Adam Joseph.

The accompanying music video was directed by Zach Adam and shot in New York.   Adam Jospeh flew in from Los Angeles and he and Zach shot it in two days.   “I will never forget how unhappy I was putting my face on that Brooklyn sidewalk,” Joseph admits.   “Just imagining how many dirty shoes and dogs that cement had seen before me was very unsettling but I sucked it up and did what I had to do.” 

“It was just one more thing that proved this multi talented guy can do it all,” laughs Zach. “Adam’s voice and energy shine brilliantly in ‘Gravity’ and I’m happy we did this together.”

Zach Adam Feat. Adam Joseph: Gravity” is available on iTunes. The “Gravity Remix Pack” is also available.  Follow Zach Adam on Instagram @zachadammusic and visit

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