Get a sneak peek at the revival of Will & Grace!
Will you watch CNN's newest hire?
"We don't want your tiny hands anywhere near our underpants."
It's official! Karen, Jack, Will & Grace are coming back!
It will be quick, but not painless.
From surgery, adoption, nimby, legal identification, etc.
Staff are apparently concerned the "Don's John" logo would upset the President-elect.
Stay golden, Betty White!
Chelsea Manning will be freed.
Derek Whitener was hospitalized with a skull fracture.
His Mother claims she acted, "with emotion and self-defense."
'I wasn't allowed too close to my siblings, for fear of infecting them with my queerness.'
Franco Noriega has us hungry for more!
This "Hot Toddy" is here to keep you toasty and warm! (NSFW)
Congratulations to the 'Kinky Boots' star and his new husband!
The mural recently sprung up in Sydney, Australia.
Proceeds to benefit human rights organizations!
He says the club owner's death occurred during "weird" but consensual sex.
Like his big bro Alexander, Bill Skarsgard isn't to get naked! (NSFW!!)
Noor Salman has been charged in connection with the Pulse nightclub massacre.
Mr. C vows to fight for LGBT workers' rights
Also compares education, income, and age.
Opens up about day he found out he was HIV +
The Dreamgirl says the gay community was behind her change of heart.
With numbers like these, why isn't Germany moving forward with Marriage Equality?
Adam McCabe is now an out player on a Georgia semi-professional team.
President Obama surprised the VP by awarding him the nation's highest civilian honor.
Cue the tears!
GALECA reveals its Dorian Awards nominees!
Congrats, Cody!
Jenner will be attending the Presidential Inauguration according to reports.