"I may be older than God, but I'm fiercer than you!"
Screw the chocolate, can the Easter Bunny bring us this guy?!
...Depiction Of The Last Supper
We could watch this all day, TBH.
Clears Up Why We Have Zero In Common With #45?  
Billionnaire already sells bread worldwide plans chain of stores. You could be buying some.
Varner, a gay man, has been fired after outing fellow contestant Zeke Smith as a transgender man.
Recent Study Says Yes!
Same-Sex Adoption Rights In This Weekly Debrief
“I am disgusted and appalled."
The anti-gay bill is effectively dead on arrival.
What do you think of CBS's decision to air the episode?
Mary Kristene Chapa survived; her girlfriend, Mollie Olgin, did not.
We love Matthew Camp! (NSFW-ish)
The 'docuseries' will follow Ricky Martin's personal and professional life during his new Las Vegas residency!
Check it out!
Can we get an amen up in here?!
Seth Tyler is a handsome hunk! (Contains Spoilers!!)
...Is Rushed To Hospital.
...In In 'Garden Of Even' (NSFW!)
According to a new report, Detox is now the second "Drag Race" queen to file a lawsuit against Producer Entertainment Group.
Thoughts on his apology? And Zeke Smith's process of forgiveness?
Maybe ill-advised offensive tweeting is genetic?
Noor Salman pleads not guilty to charges in the Pulse nightclub massacre.
"She took what I said out of context, made it go viral.”
Will the character, portrayed by Jude Law, be openly gay?
And chides celebs for claiming gay for attention!
Yasss, Queens! Which one's your fave?
"We need to pull back the curtain on Donald Trump’s tax secrets..."