Another country’s trying to get rid of gay marriage.
The teacher handed out rainbow pins, toke down bathroom signs for a student, and tried to help students create a "Pride Day."
"Probably the closest 'Happily Ever After' I'll ever get."
Aren't these boys delectable?
The Drag Queen has secured a guest spot on the Netflix show.
Leaving Cable Television Behind For Streaming Services!
We are just as excited as you are for his eventual election.
He talks about life now and is mission of spreading positivity throughout the world.
And we mean... Massive.
They just made the announcement on Twitter and Instagram.
He says he was counseling the man...
Here's hoping that those scenes are leaked.
But let’s be honest, his sexuality will probably never come up in the movie…
Piers Morgan Claims She Called Him A F*****!
And Spills On Boys, Wrestling, And Growing Up Closeted!
While your preference is, by definition, racist, we also realize something....
The Rap Icon Has Gone MIA From Social Media!
The 22-year-old from New Zealand was going through his fifth round of chemo therapy when he heard the devastating news.
With studios considering moral clauses to fight #MeToo scandals, LGBTQ actors should be concerned for other reasons.
Page, who's appeared on "American Horror Story: Coven," recorded the officer causing a disturbance and calling him obscenities.
The survey by FS Magazine centered around infidelity in gay relationships.
The figure skater from Canada is now the first openly gay athlete to win gold at the Winter Olympics.
He would be the state's first ever openly gay male congress member.
Stress Uni-form App usage. Current competitors show support.
And Beyoncé. Yeah.
His body, however, remains.
Winter ladies are finally joined by three gentlemen this year!
What are some examples of stigmatizing state laws?
We're not shocked that this nation established its home in the Olympic Village as Pride House 2018
"I'm not the right kind of Catholic for my choice of partner."