And we're not all! (PHOTOS)
"I got to go see my friends kiss boys or kiss girls at parties and then talk about it the next day… I didn’t get to do that.”
Who wants cheesecake?!
Definitely NSFW!
Artist's choice or is it discrimination? What is the law?
New push to forget plebiscite and have open vote in parliament.
Rodrigo Alves: ""I would say that today my soul matches to my body."
India’s first silent LGBTQ Love Story. Will it make waves?
Do you believe him?
"Fact-chekcer, Fact-checker, find me some facts!"
Talk about a clearance sale...
You're gonna need coffee to go with that cake! (NSFW-ish!)
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Mother Monster rocked Super Bowl LI!
Send us a case, Gaga!!
How did Elliott's platform deal with his sexuality in such a conservative state?
What were once thought suicides, may have been gangs killing gay men.
The New York Times reports the couple helped kill a proposed executive order that would have scrapped LGBT protections.
A statewide bill that will finally protect LGBTQ Floridians from discrimination.
Most are unhappy. Are you part of the 1% ?
According to the New England Journal of Medicine.
Ocean's father is suing him for defamation of character.
"It was not hard to find amazing trans actors and actresses to play these parts."
Here's why Ben Whishaw needs to be the 13th Doctor!
Following a decline in sales, Nordstrom says goodbye to Ivanka Trump brand merchandise.
The TVLine founder announces his first book--a memoir--'Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies.'
"It’s going to take someone like Donald Trump to get people to overthrow the system.”
Here's why the news bums us out...