"'Work From Home,' I listen to every time, before I go out. I think it's my wedding song."
And that's just half of the story. Now, they're messing with him again.
"Bet your teacher wasn’t this cool!"
Does he believe the character's bullying has romantic subtext?
Check out what Gus Kenworthy, Tom Daley, Micheal Sam, and more dressed up as for Halloween.
The academics behind the study are known for thier surprising accuracy with close call votes/races.
"Can we talk about how cool the anti-fog mirror is..."
The 'Mean Girls' cutie and the former Chippendales dancer make one adorable couple!
What a cast!
Guram Kashia's home country responds with riots
Fans are in awe of Milan Christopher's Halloween costume! (NSFW)
The fight for equality is far from over.
He alleges many Hollywood executives approached him just for that.
Dolly Parton slayed the Halloween game!
Anthony Rapp was the first to make claims, and he's definitely not the last.
Look at that python!
Watch his full comments
The crazy is back!
"I do understand that the temperature in the world right now is delicate." 
He's even got his dad into it.
HOW IS SHE DOIN?! Let’s Examine!
Netflix and the show's production company have decided to suspend production on 'House of Cards' season six, until further notice.
The announcement was made yesterday to large cheering and applause.
Can you guess what he had to say?
"Buffy, I feel weird... different."
One survivor thinks the culprits are people you wouldn't expect.
Attention, soldier!
" seemed like any other day."
"It’s scary to speak out."