The government is going to make it easier moving forward
...Bill Skarsgård!
"I was always told that homosexuals would go to Hell, now the heterosexuals are trying to take this from us too."
Let them eat cake! (NSFW-ish!)
We're always thirsty for more Franco Noriega!
Bieber's visit to a hospital caused a dispute between an employee and the company.
We'd love to see Cher slay on American Horror Story!
Animation Domination Is Back!
The character will first show up on streaming, but a live-action version may be in his future...
Sasha's original "Snatch Game" inspiration shows her some love.
"I’m a Lebanese Muslim, growing up in an Arab country. It was not easy for me."
"My experience as a young gay man was different to everybody else that I know."
He's actually following the president's orders.
“Whose business is it of the f*cking politicians to say who we can f*cking marry and can’t marry?
Would You Give If It Went To Help Fellow LGBTQ In Houston?
Letters revealed patients confidential status
The service has had great results so far
Still spreading hate in 140 characters or less
See Bryan Fischer's Comments Here
Karen will have someone to keep her in line, after all!
“I know people want to help. I would like to help.”
"We can't let old prejudices be stronger than love," Bachelet said.
A wildlife photographer captured an intimate moment, shared between two male lions.
Now that they have a director, lead actress, and writer, the film about the church defector can move on to production.
Molto bello!
He says it started with being felt up and turned to threatening phone calls.
...Refuses To Bake Couple's Wedding Cake