...and says same-sex marriage will never be valid in the eyes of her God
Mike really leans in to his anti-gay act on Fox News...
What does the Prince have to say?
Gross. Drug company greed at play??
Ask us out any time, Aydian!!
Check out this interesting biological phenomenon! Meet the Guevedoce Boys!
Cites security concern...
Largest Province's Law "would help a traditionally marginalized group have access to steady jobs."
Sold-Out Product To Support "It Gets Better" Causes Doritos Boycott
Obama has announced Eric Fanning as his nomination for Army Secretary!
"We apologize..."
"Man Should Not Kiss Man!" he allegedly yelled at the passengers...
Say goodbye to Will Horton, daytime television's most prominent gay character.
Check out his open letter.
...along with 20 percent tip, signed "straight"
"Will You Welcome Us Home?"
“We made accommodations to the Fort Hood shooter..."
And fights back against homophobia claims.
We're sure Kim will appreciate this one!
"Asking a handsome young actor if he's gay is not in anyway indecent."
Like or dislike?
Caitlyn tries to recover from same-sex marriage misstep in new blog...
No Kim Davis necessary!
Putin is honoring Vitaly Milonov, the author of Russia's anti-gay propaganda law.
Congratulations, Landon!
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He's Not New To Kentucky LGBT Rights
Models are as varied as the designs.
Instead of shipping us to a deserted island, homophobes will take the journey.