Introducing #46 to the world!
A federal judge has determined Louisiana's ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional.
What's the down-low destination of choice?
UPDATE: ESPN confirms!
Conservative professor Walter Williams takes an interesting stance....
Will he accept?
The flight attendant has been found guilty of sexual assault.
"The video really speaks for itself."
This won't be anything like nearby neighbor S.F.'s Pride Parade...
CA passed a bill banning it, haters!
We're really hoping that's a big JK.
Toppings include pepperoni, sausage, and discrimination.
Outrage ensues.
We nearly lost another iconic comedian...
An ugly reminder of what many of us still face.
Shocked boyfriend learns about it on Facebook!
Britney made this fan's day!
Human trials set to begin soon!
Oh, the crazy is strong today!
Hypocrisy much?