"He is wealthier than Philip. He knows very well that I like the money."
Bake us a darn cake, and don't murder us. Really, are we asking that much? 
The openly gay Indiana mayor is being coined as the future of the Democratic party as he simultaneously works on his personal life
Let's not forget the Chris': Hemsworth and Pratt.
New feature allowing fans to create official Marvel comics has a lot of restrictions including one barely hidden homophobic rule.
Some neighbors hung a sign in protest of the VP who was vacationing near them.
'Keeping up With Senator Kris Jenner' has a nice ring to it.
Too cute!
"He is draining the swamp of thieves who steal public money..."
Discrimination has no place in America!
The lengthy and passionate story follows a religious straight man who met the most important person in his life.
This event celebrates the glory days of the bathhouse scene with towel only dress codes and a Bette Midler impersonator.
The third annual competition celebrate handsome gay men who also fight for gay rights in the South Asian country.
Half a dozen members quit six months ago, now the rest are gone.
Their beautiful sunset ceremony was perfection!
Whoa! Stop the presses!
The Model Left After He Got The House!
Two Mothers And Two Children Are Slain
Hunky Men, Australia, RuPaul, World Travel, and controversy--this is how 2017 measured up!
No One Hated The Book More Than The Editor!
The man skirted the law in Singapore in order to have a son, but one judge says enough is enough.
The refugee escaped to Germany only to have his family threatened if he didn't apologize on tv.
Enjoying a snowy day in a weird but oh so right way.
Will & Grace, Sasha Velour, and more made the cut.
She works for Vogue Don, not Vanity Fair.
Max proposed to Kyle shortly after Christmas.
Not Appropriate For YouTube!
US Consumer Product Safety Commission Reveals What Went Up Our Butts!
Homosexuality Is Illegal In Tunisia!
The parent claims 6th Graders shouldn't be hearing about homosexuality