Who will 'The West Wing' star be playing in 'Grace and Frankie'??
His alibi is quite hilarious...
Any volunteers for this sperm extracting robot??
Steve Martin says not so fast...
In an overwhelming vote of 56 - 4!
Told he needs to "look more like a boy"
Texas refuses to legally give parental rights to biological gay fathers...
RIP Cameron
The U.S. Senate confirmed two openly gay African-American judges to the federal bench!
And he did it during a performance in anti-gay Morocco! Watch!
...and one sex act in particular!
Will gay soccer players come out publicly at the World Cup?
UPDATE: The terrifying video is making its way around the interwebs.
...and isn't sure if gays can be cured or not.
Thanks, Levi's!
That's a dangerous mistake....
A huge step forward for LGBT workers!
Happy Father's Day!
The 'Game of Thrones' star is headed to the 'Man of Steel' sequel!
Congrats, Michael!