Southern Baptist leader admits anti-gay soundbite is a lie
"This is a Christian area!"
What do you think?
History made in Boston!
Which policy do you side with? UK or USA?
The man accused of attacking a gay couple in NYC in May is in custody.
Welcome, Mayor!
See which dating app proclaimed Fag Day instead of Flag Day during major Pride weekend.
Show is too sexy for citizens, deems anti-gay lawmaker.
Thanks, Fisher-Price!
...and continues to be attacked by the suspect
We are better at sharing household chores / responsibilities.
Would you want Truvada handed out in your city? L.A. Does.
Acting on 2 Hit Shows and still has time to have a great body and a sense of humor.
Michigan became a little less friendly to its LGBT residents today...
What lead to the ban?
Don't let us stop you.
His new NSFW homoerotic music video has left the church outraged...
But moves to a bank that's sponsoring LGBT Pride! Whoops!
You may be seeing a lot more of NYC's hot cop!
...and kicked out of a gay bar on Fire Island!
GLSEN's threats of boycott have worked.
Congrats, Laverne!!
Should Caitlyn take the gig?
"He gets girlfriends anywhere he goes."
Prez hopeful says conflating being transgender with sexual aggression "commonsense"
"There’s never a good time to say you don’t have a penis."
How much is too much to pay to live in a city?
There's an app for everything now.
Have you experienced violent protests like this?
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Evan Young's got a much bigger audience now!!