Mom, Dad, you might want to sit down....
We're pretty sure that's not going to cause the change Pat's looking for...
How'd the restaurant handle the situation?
The NBA player is considering retirement.
Ali Muhammad Brown "explains" his murders.
A same-sex wedding would've been too much for families, the principal claimed.
Now you can literally look down on those bitches!
REALLY paying for it!
Are you butch enough to be femme?
The defensive end had a great night as he fights for a spot on the St. Louis Rams roster!
Found out who thinks you're not!
No sex. No violence. Why an R rating??
Oh, this is going to be soooo good!
'Cuz they indict his pals :(
Nope. Your team.
Rippling redheaded Alpha-Males!
Or is that what reeeeeally happened?
The wins keep coming!
We'll give you time to open the link after you pick yourself up from fainting...
What's behind all the shocking violence?