Sorbo says, "All of a sudden, his hand goes up my leg."
His reaction is adorable!
"It was kind of a one-two punch of harassment and homophobia, and I think the two things do kind of go hand in hand."
As District Judge David Bunning previously said, "The buck stops there."
Writes actress Heather Lind, "His security guard told me I shouldn’t have stood next to him for the photo.”
A fun new game from "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
The new rising phenomenon
What did she call him?
Which two Drag Race superstars did he recently meet?
What did he say when Ellen asked, ”You’re not single right now anymore, right?"
‘This isn’t affecting me and you guys aren’t hurting me.”
"...Obergefell is even worse, in a sense..."
“I’m horrified and personally distressed. I never gave my permission for my image to be used in this way.”
"They gave me electric shocks."
The out Australian athlete is looking mighty fine! (NSFW-ish!)
Ready to see the story from the '90s return?
Out of the way, Goldilocks!
Any time Matthew Camp wants to take off his clothes, we're here for it! (NSFW-ish!)
"The highest priority for me is making sure no church, no believer anywhere, is required to violate their religious conscience."
We got goosebumps!
That hit the spot--and not in a good way
“When you croak of AIDS I’ll spit on your grave!”
They plan to use the list to prevent the spread of STDs
So, it’s not just the rock monster…
While Egypt is picking up it's anti-gay crackdown, Grindr is trying to help
Some are saying that flies in the face of marriage "equality."
Are his photos too sexual?
"I didn't feel safe."
Said another fan: "When your favorite artist is close to you, this does not justify you touching him in this way."