Bundle up and watch in awe!
Watch as the Teen Wolf star learns the news...
This hunk goes back to nature on "10,000 B.C."
The "Whisper" app is full of secrets.
Dad's say it's important she is brought up in the traditions of the Catholic Church.
The councilman came out on Twitter.
And he calls for Chris Rock to step down as this year's Oscars host.
And highlights GLAAD's "Accelerating Acceptance" report!
Fashion options for the bigger sized guy.
"Check your facts. Try to actually have some facts."
Could you forgive a parent who once turned their back on you?
And the hottie who plays him!
Dominic Purcell, too!
Maybe the goal shouldn't be do you deal with being ghosted?
A West Hollywood man receives his sentence following the brutal murder of his boyfriend.
A straight man shares his plight.
...defends substance against proposed ban
Bros helping bros? There's an app for that!
When the worlds of pornography and high-fashion collide, you're in for a visual delight!
Gay it forward!!
She responds to his spokeperson's attack on her endorsement by HRC.
What do you think of the ad?
2016 is going to be a great year for "The Divine Miss M!"
Congratulations to Brandon Davis!
Congrats to Christian Bale, and the cast and crew of "The Big Short!"
D.C.P.D. seems to be on the right track.
Caitlyn Jenner has more of her story to tell.
Alexis Arquette spills the tea on Facebook!
They love us, they really love us!
"Hillary Clinton is fighting to advance LGBT equality across our nation and throughout the world."
Support the Trudging Buddies 2016 Straight Pepper Diet Calendar!
Phi Kappa Psi is currently under investigation after the branding video surfaced. (NSFW-ish)