Karen will have someone to keep her in line, after all!
“I know people want to help. I would like to help.”
"We can't let old prejudices be stronger than love," Bachelet said.
A wildlife photographer captured an intimate moment, shared between two male lions.
Now that they have a director, lead actress, and writer, the film about the church defector can move on to production.
Molto bello!
He says it started with being felt up and turned to threatening phone calls.
...Refuses To Bake Couple's Wedding Cake
Perhaps we should say "hole" new meaning.
Disalvatore's films included Shelter and Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds
One Of Them Admits The Friendship Is Over
A look at homophobia in professional soccer. It's worse than we've been told.
"I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now..."
... After Selena Gomez's Account Is Hacked
Now that's a winning streak! (NSFW-ish!)
"I am a person, I have feelings, and no one in the world deserves to be raped."
James Franco rocks a new mustache, and sheds his clothes on 'The Deuce.' (NSFW-ish!)
Much love to Colin Jackson!
The Today Show takes us BTS with the cast of Will & Grace!
Funny and informative!
"They wake me up every day and make sure I am powerful, feeling good and strong."
UK Queens, start your engines!
The butt that was promised! (NSFW-ish!)
Why did the court not treat these as hate crimes?
Largest Rally Yet
Read 90210 Actress AnnaLynne McCord's open letter response
#ParentsComingOut in support of their kids
'If you think your [conversion] treatment will work, sign me up'
“Please help us show that intolerance is not acceptable”
We interviewed the Artistic & Executive Directors to find out why they're touring states W/ anti-LGBTQ laws.