Kate McKinnon provides her hilarious take on Jeff Sessions' Senate testimony!
"He told me he was gay right before he died."
"There was only one thing left to do: to get rid of me."
Thoughts on housing dedicated to LGBT students?
"Nobody ever asks me. I’ve never been asked. "
The bill hopes to collect more data to show the injustices LGBTQ people live with daily.
From Weddings to Monkeys!
It's as easy as posting a pic on Instagram.
Will the straights follow suit? Will this spread to America?
"When it gets down to survival, you have to pick your battles, and you don’t pick battles with your allies."
...For 'Normalizing Homosexuality'
Show us the receipts, Liam!
...To Sing 'Stitches'
Boston's iconic Fenway Park gets decked out for Pride!
Stay tuned for the cheeky outtakes at the end!
Responded one person: "I literally just got the ::rainbow emoji:: so I could ::rainbow emoji:: your post."
All men must service in the military, but being gay in the military is a crime. Yet military leaders don't see the problem.
That fanny pack contains quite a surprise! (NSFW!)
While Mourners chanted "Love Conquers Hate"
Commented a fan: “Joe, your penis is showing."
As a community, we need to continue to look out for one another.
Said one man, "I miss the old Abercrombie that sold softcorn gay porn magazines instead of Becky's misguided thoughts on Pride."
Very cheeky! (NSFW-ish!)
She wasn't gonna stop for anybody.
"You can lie in bed with your bromance, have a cuddle and..."
Too expensive and not enough of an audience.
The sexy British comedian hits the shower! (NSFW-ish!)
A new patch for Andromeda includes a third gay male romance and Life is Strange is getting a prequel
On this Pride Month, celebrate one of the LGBTQ leaders who's helping to make a better world.
Aren't they beautiful?