We couldn't love her more!
Get an eyeful of Jack! (NSFW)
We've all been there...
C'est si bon! (NSFW!)
The dads open up!
Read their statement on the ruling.
The lawsuit accuses the Obama administration of "running roughshod over commonsense policies" that protect children.
We've gotta get on this text chain...
York not only speaks against bill but gives hefty impressive donation.
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The DJ was fired following the national anthem disaster.
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It's the most wonderful time of the year!!
"One of the worst nights of my life, and everybody else involved unfortunately."
Fighting hate with love!
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And wins the internet in the process!
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A police officer arrested them for kissing in a Honolulu grocery store.
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127 million views, and counting.
Worst bromance ever!
::Eyes the empty back seat next to Nick::
Beauty's where you find it.
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The stunning trans model reveals his struggle with depression and anxiety.
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