and fined. Was justice served?
We'd fancy a cup of tea to go with all that cake! (NSFW-ish)
Are we better off, but being killed off fast?
Congratulations, Meryl!
Guess we better book a trip!
Advice on how to handle this awkward situation?
Rowan County says the fees are Davis's to pay.
"The regressive left is the single biggest enemy to the well-being of homosexuals..."
Get it, Conan!
With a body like that, Jay Ellis has nothing to be insecure about! (NSFW-ish)
Tyler flashes his pistol! (NSFW!)
We think we know who won this battle!
Father went on live tv to invite people to kill his child
His nephew says the former President may vote for the Democratic nominee.
Comedian Michael Henry and friends give us the Trump rundown!
And he's teamed up with Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky!
New hilarious PSA from Joss Whedon!
Lucky towel.
"the most racist and homophobic place I’ve ever worked"
Bishop has long anti-LGBT history.
We can't make this craziness up anymore.
Which one does the Indiana school ban?
Odd questions for a garbage survey?
The call was recorded by white nationalist William Johnson.
He's with her! (And he wins Halloween!)
what was his justification for this idea?
Is this how rumor about Rodgers started?
Are we too quick to judge or look for hidden messages?
"Discrimination and Belonging: What it Means for You"
another behind closed doors statement comes out to harm campaign.
Watch the full speech.
...for sending jobs to their state!