Noor Salman pleads not guilty to charges in connection with the Pulse massacre.
Get fit, and stay comfy!
The lads came to play, and they brought their own bats! (NSFW-ish)
Who's thirsty?!
They'd rather boogie than try to fit in!
Go Go Power Rangers!
Congratulations, Taylor!
Got $250 million to spare?
Ryan Murphy is reportedly bringing the Monica Lewinsky saga to the 'American Crime Story' franchise.
What now??
The Boston Bruins player says there's "no question."
"I could not be prouder of the transformation that's taken place in our society just in the last decade."
Get a sneak peek at the revival of Will & Grace!
Will you watch CNN's newest hire?
"We don't want your tiny hands anywhere near our underpants."
It's official! Karen, Jack, Will & Grace are coming back!
It will be quick, but not painless.
From surgery, adoption, nimby, legal identification, etc.
Staff are apparently concerned the "Don's John" logo would upset the President-elect.
Stay golden, Betty White!
Chelsea Manning will be freed.
Derek Whitener was hospitalized with a skull fracture.
His Mother claims she acted, "with emotion and self-defense."
'I wasn't allowed too close to my siblings, for fear of infecting them with my queerness.'
Franco Noriega has us hungry for more!
This "Hot Toddy" is here to keep you toasty and warm! (NSFW)
Congratulations to the 'Kinky Boots' star and his new husband!
The mural recently sprung up in Sydney, Australia.
Proceeds to benefit human rights organizations!