Man Pleads Guilty To First Federal Charge Of Hate Crime Against Transgender Person
LGB people much more likely to deal with threats and actions.
The legislation would be "devastating" for LGBTQ Americans.
The 'Finding Prince Charming' star is releasing the 2017 calendar/photo essay "Rented."
"It will be open season on Christians."
Locations were shut down overnight.
100 percent of proceeds go to Pulse victims in Orlando.
When it comes to picking a Doctor, do you play the gender and LGBT game?
The college wrestler was sentenced to three decades in prison for "recklessly" transmitting HIV.
Streep will be honored by the LGBTQ rights organization in February.
Plus the key to nailing the impression!
The animated video aims to educate viewers about the effects language deprivation can have on deaf children.
The San Diego Chargers Said: "We apologize to any fans who may have witnessed the incident."
"Do what you love regardless of who you are, and be unapologetic about who you are..."
The gay adult film star shares his concerns about providing HIV status on hookup/dating apps.
Incident caught on tape.
Check out the foundation's mission.
Two Josephs lead to Christian outrage...
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For Helping IS To Radicalize Shooter
Apology accepted?
Thoughts on her decision to perform for Trump and Pence?
But who will we have to look at now to get our afternoon news?!
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Montenegro PRIDE - Small And Powerful.
Nothing good ever happens at a late night diner.