His alibi is quite hilarious...
Any volunteers for this sperm extracting robot??
Steve Martin says not so fast...
In an overwhelming vote of 56 - 4!
Told he needs to "look more like a boy"
Texas refuses to legally give parental rights to biological gay fathers...
RIP Cameron
The U.S. Senate confirmed two openly gay African-American judges to the federal bench!
And he did it during a performance in anti-gay Morocco! Watch!
...and one sex act in particular!
Will gay soccer players come out publicly at the World Cup?
UPDATE: The terrifying video is making its way around the interwebs.
...and isn't sure if gays can be cured or not.
Thanks, Levi's!
That's a dangerous mistake....
A huge step forward for LGBT workers!
Happy Father's Day!
The 'Game of Thrones' star is headed to the 'Man of Steel' sequel!
Congrats, Michael!
Is this the perfect response?