Hero of the week?
Told Gay parishioner to commit suicide since he was already going to hell.
Thanks, Sabra!
The Republican Presidential hopeful wants us to stop whining.
Getting children safely to and from school we see...
...and from supporting marriage equality
The church's senior pastor pens an open letter asking the congregation to avoid the "malicious" story.
The gravest injustice...
Is it working?
The suspect is described as "a career criminal."
A major landmark from Gallup!
Worldwide praise for the traffic lights are keeping them up permanently!
Craig liked his escorts very masc, according to a new tell-all memoir.
Check out their photo that's gone viral--plus his important message!
Doesn't think it's a big deal...
He's apparently a top who likes to cuddle...
"Every human deserves equal rights."
Can we come??
Was that a wink, Justice Ginsburg?
Does this surprise you?