While many compalin about the new audio messages, the app itself completely shut down.
"Every single person deserves a shot at their dreams no matter their sex, ethnicity, or background."
Check out "Paradise:" the song behind the collaboration.
The debate over a U.S. Congressional seat was rudely interrupted.
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An amendment to the annual defense spending bill could do the trick
PrEP can significantly reduce HIV transmission in young people
The 22-year-old crooner surprised 60, 000 Taylor Swift fans at the Rose Bowl on Saturday
Together we can stop homophobia and transphobia around the world
The company once fought against NC's Anti-LGBTQ laws, so advocates worry this is the company selling out.
But polls show Cuomo's still in the lead.
Thousands are preparing for the march/rally on June 2.
The Pope supports gay people and civil unions, though he's still against same-sex marriage.
Season 4 tackles working at a tech start up, white privilege, and the #MeToo movement!
"Shining a light on the big business of sports and exposing a culture of exclusion, bigotry and discrimination"
State becoming a beacon of protection children and promoting LGBTQ+ equality.
"I did this for change. I did this to make a difference."
He rejected the use of the word multiple times, but the director and co-star did it behind his back.
After getting a warning from Youtube for his Eurvision parody, he has one question on his mind.
"We basically pecked, nothing out of the ordinary."
The story of a prince falling in love has never been like this before.
But who's the man behind the video?
The royal wedding was graced with hot actors, musicians, nobles, and more.
This news comes one week after Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a similar bill
The actor apologized via Facebook, even though he hasn't heard audio of the incident.
The bisexual singer will be working along with South Korean talent.
HIV and LGBTQ activits/advocates are condemning The Peace Corps's policy on gay men with HIV.
The HBCU and women's college changed it's policy in 2017, and is now seeing the fruit of its labor.
“Every actor should try full-frontal nudity," said the Westworld actor.
Next week, middle America will be rocking with LGBTQ bands from all over the US, the UK, and Australia!