Vicky Vox & Detox Throw Valentina Some Major Shade!

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5 & All Stars 2 queen Detox took center stage on the latest episode of Hey Qween, hosted by Johnny McGovern.

Part one of the infamous Look at Huh part of the show was released on Tuesday morning, where she and BFF Vicky Vox spoke about their fellow queens Jinkx Monsoon and Katya in a loving and uplifting way (even revealing how Detox accidentally stole Jinkx's Grindr trade one evening).

The tea eventually spilled all over the place when season 9 contestant Valentina appeared on screen, where the first thing out of Detox's mouth was "She is stunning, but she has got of growing up to do."  Vicky immediately followed that comment up with "Is she stunning? She has great teeth."

Vicky then told a story about Valentina before she was on RPDR, where things got so dramatic on Hey Qween that she kicked her shoes off prior to speaking about the alleged incident. 

Evidently, Valentina's diva behavior started way before she was on the show, where Vicky recalled an alleged incident where she had to pull her aside and give her the tea on how she was acting.

Check out the clip below: