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Deadpool 2 Will Have A Bisexual, Polyamorous Superhero

Deadpool 2 will now have at least two LGBTQ superheros in it, but you’ll probably have to be in the know to know that.

In Marvel comics, Shatterstar is known for being a time-traveling warrior from another planet who eventually joins the X-Force (an affiliate team of the X-Men). On top of that, he’s also known for being bisexual and for his relationship with fellow mutant Rictor (who, fun fact, appeared in last year’s Logan film).

In 1991, after having a rollercoaster relationship with Rictor, the two shared a kiss that became the first gay kiss depicted in Marvel comics.

Now, it looks like Shatterstar will be joining his hubby in the big leagues (though, separately).

According to Inverse, Stefan Kapičić, who plays X-Man Colossus, confirmed that Shatterstar will appear in the sequel.

“That’s not CGI of Terry Crews, that is Terry Crews. You can see it clearly,” he said. “You can see behind him, Shatterstar, a really cool thing for people to geek out.”

That said, we’ve grown tired of Hollywood’s game. We won’t hold our breath that his sexuality will be addressed or at least lightly touched on. (Though at the same time, what's the right level for addressing someone's sexuality?)

When the first Deadpool film was being promoted, director Tim Miller shared that Deadpool would be the pansexual jokester that he always is in the comics.

Fans who love the merc with a mouth and his interaction with his forever crush Spider-man were excited at the possibilities. (Though even with the possible Fox/Disney merger, Tom Holland’s Spider-man may be too young for that fantasy to turn into movie reality).

Then, after the first film came out, lead actor Ryan Reynolds repeated that he’d be open to giving Deadpool a boyfriend.

Yet, the character had a girlfriend in the first film, and we’re not holding our breath for the sequel.

But, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that maybe he and Shatterstar will share a kiss for classic Deadpool shock factor. (Or would that be considered offensive? What do you think?)

Marvel Wants Fans To Create Comics (But Not Gay Ones)

Marvel Comics is trying out a new way of creating content, but fans/artists are not liking the restrictions being placed on them. Some even say the rules are discriminatory.

Marvel Comics is currently going through finding work and artists for their new feature called “Create Your Own.” The idea is that fans will be able ot create their own comic strips using Marvel characters and then Marvel will pick from the liter to publish as a special feature.

The problem is the rules of what fans and artists can’t include is discouragingly long.

On that long list of prohibited themes, plots, and characters, includes notes like not adding “death,” “bad language,” “noises related to external bodily functions,” “bare midriffs,” “vitamins,” “double entendres,” “aliens,” and “politics, including alternative lifestyle advocacies.”

As you can imagine, many people are not ok with this. And as you’ve probably guessed, many shared their distaste for the limitations on Twitter.

Comic book critic Matt Santorini is one of those angry voices. Santorini not only pointed out the discrimination in the wording of the last rule, but also the fact that Marvel Comics has been extremely aggressive in this year.

Despite several being upset with these rules, Marvel Comics has yet to comment on the controversy.

h/t: The Verge