Marvel Wants Fans To Create Comics (But Not Gay Ones)

Marvel Comics is trying out a new way of creating content, but fans/artists are not liking the restrictions being placed on them. Some even say the rules are discriminatory.

Marvel Comics is currently going through finding work and artists for their new feature called “Create Your Own.” The idea is that fans will be able ot create their own comic strips using Marvel characters and then Marvel will pick from the liter to publish as a special feature.

The problem is the rules of what fans and artists can’t include is discouragingly long.

On that long list of prohibited themes, plots, and characters, includes notes like not adding “death,” “bad language,” “noises related to external bodily functions,” “bare midriffs,” “vitamins,” “double entendres,” “aliens,” and “politics, including alternative lifestyle advocacies.”

As you can imagine, many people are not ok with this. And as you’ve probably guessed, many shared their distaste for the limitations on Twitter.

Comic book critic Matt Santorini is one of those angry voices. Santorini not only pointed out the discrimination in the wording of the last rule, but also the fact that Marvel Comics has been extremely aggressive in this year.

Despite several being upset with these rules, Marvel Comics has yet to comment on the controversy.

h/t: The Verge

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  1. “Lifestyle advocacies” How

    "Lifestyle advocacies" How ridiculous that sounds.

    Protest by stopping reading Marvel comics. Switch to manga. There is Bara genre within manga which is created by gay authors in Japan.


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