Murder Case

Mother Pleads Guilty To Torturing & Murdering Her 8-Year Old Because She Thought He Was Gay

We have another update on the story of a California mother and her boyfriend who tortured and killed her eight-year-old son.

The latest story in this ongoing trial is that the mother, 34-year-old Pearl Sinthia Fernandez, has agreed to a plea deal for the first-degree murder of her 8-year-old son Gabriel Fernandez.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, Fernandez has also confessed to the special circumstances allegation of murder involving torture.

Together with her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre, who’s already been convicted in a separate trial, Fernandez tortured the boy because they believed him to be gay.

Then in May of 2013, Gabriel was found unconscious with a cracked skull, broken ribs, missing teeth, and BB pellets in his groin.

In addition, the boy’s sister testified during trial and said she was regularly ordered to clean up Gabriel’s blood.

“No human with a heart and soul could do that to an innocent little boy,” said Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami.

Fernandez’s sentencing is scheduled for June 7th. Due to the plea deal, it’s expected that she’ll receive life in prison without parole.

Gay Porn Star Jordan Joplin Charged With Murder & Theft

Jordan Joplin has been charged with murder and theft.

Joplin has worked with many gay porn studios such as Sean Cody,, Bromo, NextDoorStudios, and Randy Blue. On top of that, he has used many stage names for his scenes such as Zack, Rob Stonebridge, Logan Cruise, Jason Styles, and more.

Now, Joplin’s real name is making headlines for being at the center of a murder case.

Apparently, Joplin was financially involved with an Alaskan doctor named Eric Garcia. It was Joplin himself who’d asked police to check up on Dr. Garcia, who he hadn’t seen for 10 days after visiting him in Ketchikan, Alaska. Dr. Garcia’s body was then discovered on May 27, 2017.

What made people suspect Joplin as the cause of Dr. Garcia’s death was that Garcia’s belongings were also stolen. This includes a half a million worth of gold and coins, 20 to 30 watches that amounted to somewhere between $2,000 and $8,000, a tv, two laptops, and some other items.

Police later discovered that Joplin used Dr. Garcia’s truck to transport this equipment and later have it all shipped. They then tracked the shipment to Joplin’s house in Seattle.

Now, Joplin has been arrested with a $200,000 bail. Joplin is being charged with first-degree theft as well as first & second-degree murder.

Some other important info is that this isn’t the first time Jordan Joplin’s had trouble with the law. In fact, as Halaschak reported last month:

“Joplin has been involved in a number of crimes according to Washington state court records; these include pleading guilty to theft in 2005 and a felony conviction of destruction of property and making false claims in 2009. Joplin also was adjudicated guilty of attempted theft after trying to steal GPS units from a Walmart.”

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Toronto Killer Bruce McArthur Had A Man Naked & Restrained In His Apartment

We have even more information about the Toronto killer whose victim list keeps getting bigger.

Last year, gay men started disappearing from the area around the Gay Village in Toronto. While members of the community there expressed concern, most (including the police) tried to quiet down those fears.

That said, earlier this month the police arrested landscaper Bruce McArthur under the suspicion that he was responsible for the disappearances of 49-year-old Andrew Kinsman and 44-year-old Selim Esen.

Then two days ago, police shared that they found the remains of three more men in a home that McArthur had worked on.

Now we have even more news concerning the terrors of Bruce McArthur. It seems that when the police first became suspicious of McArthur, they placed him under surveillance.

During that time, a man (who’s name is being withheld) went to McArthur’s apartment for sex. That’s when police stormed the building and not only arrested McArthur, but found that man naked and restrained.

Through their investigation, police have also found three other men who say they dated McArthur. All three said they stopped seeing McArthur after his sexual demands made them uncomfortable.

While the Toronto Police Department is receiving criticism for failing to acknowledge the initial disappearances and failing to call McArthur a serial killer until the additional three bodies were found, they continue their investigation.

McArthur worked on about 30 properties that now have to be searched in case any more bodies are waiting to be found.

Toronto Killer Bruce McArthur Now Charged For Killing Five Gay Men

Yesterday, we shared with you the news of Bruce McArthur’s arrest and his prior history with the law.

Last year, the Toronto gay community was shook but a number of disappearances in the Gay Village area. While most shooed away the thought of a real problem occurring, the police were not so sure.

Then last week, 66-year-old landscaper Bruce McArthur was arrested by the police under the suspicion that he was involved with the disappearances of two men named Selim Esen and Andrew Kinsman.

Afterwards, it was discovered that McArthur was arrested back in 2001 for assaulting another man. Part of his sentencing for that assault was that McArthur was banned from entering a large section of Toronto that includes the Gay Village.

Now, news is hitting that McArthur is being charged for the murders of three additional men.

In addition to Esen and Kinsman, Majeed Kayhan, Soroush Mahmudi, and Dean Lisowick disappeared between the years of 2012 and 2017.

It was Toronto Det. Sgt. Hank Idsinga who shared this news today and said that the dismembered remains of “at least” three victims were found in the bottom of large planters in the backyard of a Toronto home where McArthur worked.

"The city of Toronto has never seen anything like this," Idsinga said. "It is unprecedented and draining. He's an alleged serial killer and he's taken some steps to cover his tracks."

Now, police will be investigating about 30 properties that McAruthur worked on.

In addition that, police now say that McArthur may have been targeting more people in the city.

"It encompasses more than the gay community. It encompasses the City of Toronto," Idsinga said.

Man Charged With Murder Of Jewish Gay Student Was Supposedly A Neo-Nazi

Last week, we shared with you the story of Blaze Bernstein and Samuel Woodward.

Now, we have new information that Woodward has ties to several neo-Nazi and extremist groups.

Bernstein, who was an Ivy league student at the University of Pennsylvania, was visiting his family in California at the start of January. During that time, Bernstein went missing and his family looked towards the police to help find him.

Unfortunately, Bernstein’s body was found in a park a few days later and it appeared he had died of about 20 stab wounds.

Later, police connected a former high school classmate of Bernstein’s, Woodward, to the crime. Not only were DNA tracings found on his car and his fingernails chipped and covered with dirt, but they also found out that Woodword had met with Bernstein the night he went missing.

While at first Woodward said he dropped Bernstein off at home and then went to his girlfriend’s house (who’s name and address he couldn’t remember), he later confessed to his crimes.

In addition, some suspect Woodward’s motive was because Bernstein shared the fact that the two had kissed with friends and said that he was going to pursue Woodward while they were on break from school.

That might not be all to the story however, as now the Advocate reports that Woodward is, in fact, a neo-Nazi and Berntein was Jewish.

This news comes from two of Woodward’s friends. They say that Woodward is a member of an alt-right group called Atomwaffen Division.

Atomwaffen Division has been tied to a bomb plot and to four other murders in the past eight months, according to ProPublica.

While Woodward is awaiting arraignment on Feb. 2, he has yet to enter a plea. If found guilty, he could face up to 26 years to life.

A Judge Barred The Toronto Killer From The Gay Village in 2001

Last year, we shared with you the news of gay men going missing in Toronto, Canada.

Many, like Global News Toronto, were concerned that the multiple missing men from the Gay Village was a sign that there was a killer on the loose.

There are growing concerns in Toronto’s Gay Village over the number of men who have gone missing in recent years from the Church and Wellesley area. As Caryn Lieberman reports, police aren’t confirming a connection between the men, but community members have their theories. -

Unfortunately, that turned out to be the truth.

Earlier this week, police arrested a man who they think is responsible for at least two deaths out of the missing men from the Gay village.

66-year-old landscaper Bruce McArthur was charged with first-degree murder due to the assumed deaths of Selim Esen and Andrew Kinsman.

“We believe he is responsible for the deaths of Mr. Esen and Mr. Kinsman, and we believe he is responsible for the deaths of other men who have yet to be identified,” Toronto Det. Sgt. Hank Idsinga said.

“In other words, we believe there are other victims,” he added.

Now we have gotten word of McArthur’s legal history.

You see, it seems that McArthur was barred from even stepping foot near the Gay village in Toronto back in 2001.

McArthur was convicted of assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm. Then in 2013, he was sentenced to two years in prison and three years on probation.

As part of that sentencing, he wasn’t supposed to go anywhere near the area within University Ave to the West, Bloor St. to the North, Sherbourne St. to the East, and College/Carlton to the South.

Toronto lawyer Liam O’Connor (who isn't connected to this case) spoke to Metro News and said that this restriction was probably to protect male prostitutes in the area (who were McArthur’s first victims).

“An educated guess then about that, is the area they’ve asked him to stay out of is an area where there was probably high prostitution,” O’Connor said.

 We’ll keep you updated as the court case develops.

Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Man Who Killed An 8-Year-Old Boy He Thought Was Gay

A jury recommended the death penalty for the California man who killed an 8-year-old boy because he thought he was gay.

We’ve been keeping you updated on the trials of Isauro Aguirre and Pearl Sinthia Fernandez who killed Fernandez’s son Gabriel.

During trial, the late Gabriel’s siblings recounted how the two adults would beat the boy, pepper-spray him, feed him cat feces, and keep in a cage.

The boy was discovered in May, 2013 with a cracked skull, broken ribs, and burns. Though he was rushed to the hospital, he died a few days after first responders found him.

Aguirre, who’s had a separate trial from Fernandez, was later found guilty of first degree murder and then started the process of his penalty.

During this phase, the District Defense Attorney, Jonathon Hatami, said to the jury, “No human with a heart and soul could do that to an innocent little boy.”

“Show the defendant the exact same mercy he showed Gabriel,” he added.

Meanwhile, John Alan, Aguirre’s public defender, asked the jury to spare Auirre and suggest life in prison.

“Mercy isn’t something that’s ever earned,” he said. “It’s something that is freely granted.”

Despite this argument (and a seven-hour deliberation time), the jury later recommended the death penalty for Isauro Aguirre.

That said, the jury were only recommending a penalty and the real sentencing will happen in March.

Meanwhile, the mother is currently being prosecuted for murder and several Los Angeles County social workers were charged with criminal negligence for never rescuing Gabriel despite the fact that “red flags were everywhere,” according to the judge.

Murder Suspect of Jamaican Gay Icon Denied Bail & Facing Multiple Charges

Image via J-FLAG

We have an update on the Dexter Pottinger murder case.

Dexter Pottinger was a celebrated artist and activist in Jamaica. He was a fashion designer who was praised by not only the fashion and art world but also by politicians who thought of him as a cultural asset.

In addition, Pottinger was considered a leader for the gay community on the island. In fact, Pottinger was even made the Face of Jamaica’s Pride last year.

But, earlier this month Pottinger was found dead in his home. His body was stabbed multiple times when police arrived.

The murder of such a big name celebrity in the country caused for a quick and efficient arrest of the alleged murder.

What ties 21-year-old Romario Brown to the case is that the murder weapon and Dexter Pottinger’s tv were found in Brown’s house. While the results of the post-mortem are not out yet, the evidence at Brown’s house was enough to arrest him.

But, it gets even worse. During all of this, Brown was out on bail for a previous murder case of a woman from St. Andrew, Jamaica.

As such, many people are scrutinizing Brown before he even goes to trial for the Pottinger case. And while the court waits for the post-mortem in order to really delve into the Pottinger murder case, they have found a way to charge Romario Brown anyway for his possession of a weapon.

Brown pleaded guilty for having one knife in his possession while on bail, which will result in him either being fined $3,000 or spending 10 days in prison. But it turns out that he had two knives in his possession so he will be tried for the second knife later on top of his trial for the alleged murder of Dexter Pottinger.

Due to all of this, Romario Brown was denied bail and will only leave jail to return to court on November 9th.