Is Everything OK with Rachel Bloom & Neil Patrick Harris?

The biggest drama at the 2018 Tony Awards didn't occur on stage (unless you count De Niro cursing Trump out), it happened on Twitter. And the battle was between two people we never thought would get into it: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom and Neil Patrick Harris. Oh. My. 

Let's break this down as easy as possible:

Rachel was the backstage host for the evening. She was the one that would make funny jokes and chat with celebs before the commercial break as the show went on.

NPH watched the show from home this year with his family. He then asked this question: "Who is the woman in the top hat backstage at @TheTonyAwards? Gideon (pne of his sons) remarked that she says ‘like’ and ‘oh my god’ a lot. I’m confused..."

Cue the drama beginning! Rachel quickly got back to him (during the show, mind you), and said "I’m a big fan of yours. We’ve met numerous times and my husband, Dan Gregor, wrote for “How I Met Your Mother” for 5 years. Notably, he wrote the episode where your character finally meets his father." Oh snap!

Neil then followed up with an apology (??), in the form of "Indeed! Well said. Thanks for the reminder. How was backstage?"

Rachel clearly wasn't having any of it, nor was most of social media who went in on him for even tweeting about the situation in the first place.

She spoke about the situation during an interview with GQ magazine, saying "Basically… I saw that tweet. And I was kind of devastated. I was actually going to tweet, "This makes me sad." But then I was like, "Ehhhhhhhhhh… I don’t want to give him that, necessarily." Look. I’ve met him a couple times. Very recently, backstage in the dressing room of a Broadway show. And we hung out for a solid 15 minutes with the star of this Broadway show. It was just bizarre to me that it wouldn’t ring a bell. And also, that he wouldn’t Google it."

Then, tada... an actual apology from NPH on Wednesday.

"Sincere apologies to @Racheldoesstuff for my Tony tweet. I failed to research her before pressing ‘send’, and what I thought was a funny comment in our living room must have been far from funny to read, backstage, mid show. As a performer and a parent, I should have know better."

She accepted.

Hmmm... Tony co-hosts next year, anyone?

Stoneman Douglas High School Students From Parkland, Orlando Sang At The Tonys

The Tony Awards were last night, and the annual award ceremony celebrating stage work in New York City was graced with multiple highlights.

One of the biggest moments of the night, however, came from theatre amateurs.

During the night, Melody Herzfeld, the drama teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was honored with the Excellence in Theatre Education Award. With that, she’s also earned $10,000 to go towards the school’s theatre department.

In order to honor their teachers, students from the infamous Parkland, Florida shooting on February 14, delivered a tear-jerking rendition of “Seasons of Love” from Rent.

You can watch the video below.