5 Facts About ‘Fire Island’ Star Conrad Ricamora

Conrad Ricamora as Oliver Hampton in How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 and on set filming Fire Island with Joel Kim Booster. / Images via ABC & Twitter @ihatejoelkim

Another reason to love Conrad Ricamora.

Last month, we shared with you the fact that Joel Kim Booster’s take on Pride and Prejudice, which happens to take place in Fire Island, is revving up. After making initial announcements about the project in 2019, Booster shared that his real-life friend and comedic colleague Bowen Yang will also star in the film. The two will play best friends who go on vacation at the famous gay spot in New York state. They then undergo journeys of love, lust, and loony antics.


Deadline then confirmed the cast list earlier this month. Acting names associated with the project include Conrad Ricamora (How To Get Away With Murder, The Resident), Margaret Cho (All-American Girl) James Scully (You), Matt Rogers (I Love This For You), Tomas Matos (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Torian Miller (Goliath), and Nick Adams (The Other Two), Zane Phillips (Madam Secretary), Michael Graceffa (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Aidan Wharton (I Want Your Love), Peter Smith (Girls5Eva) and Bradley Gibson.

Production on the 2022 film began in August. And then yesterday, August 27, Joel Kim Booster posted a photo of himself and Ricamora on Twitter with the caption, “Movie boyfriends.” Could this mean that Ricamora is playing the romantic lead opposite Joel Kim Booster? Or, is Joel Kim Booster simply sharing love for his co-star? We don’t know for now, as Ricamora’s role hasn’t been disclosed to the public. But the possibility has our minds reeling and it reminded us of our love for Conrad Ricamora.


With that, we thought to follow Joel Kim Booster’s lead and share that love. Here are 5 fun and quick facts about the actor and some Instagram posts to boot.

1. He Was A Broadway Star


Despite graduating with a psychology degree from the Queens University of Charlotte, Conrad Ricamora decided to become an actor in college. Ricamora fell in love with acting after taking a class in his junior year. He then went on to study acting at the University of Tennessee where he received an MFA. After grad school, Ricamora experienced a successful theater career. He not only made it to Broadway, but he got a Grammy nomination for Best Musical Theatre Album as a member of the 2015 production of The King and I. Ricamora later went on to work in Hollywood and had his first big tv role as Oliver Hampton in How To Get Away With Murder.

2. He’s Gay


Again, Conrad Ricamora got his first big break in How To Get Away With Murder. Part of the praise for his role is the fact that Ricamora’s character was a sexually active gay man on a primetime cable series. But even better, Ricamora is an openly gay man himself. The actor has been openly gay for years. While he was in a long-term relationship up until last year, it seems the actor is currently single.

3. He’s A Singer


As viewed in his Broadway career, Conrad Ricamora can sing. And, it seems he doesn’t want his singing career to stay on just the theatrical stage. Conrad has released several songs, mostly covers, on several streaming platforms. He has covered songs like, “My Funny Valentine” and “All of Me.”

4. He Has A Cameo Account For Charity


While some celebrities have been creating OnlyFans accounts, Conrad Ricamora has been sticking with Cameo. Through his Cameo account, Ricamora’s fans can purchase a personalized video of the actor and singer giving them a shoutout. Each video costs $39 and he says he donates every dollar to the Actor’s Fund.

According to the organization’s website, “The Actors Fund fosters stability and resiliency, and provides a safety net for performing arts and entertainment professionals over their lifespan.”


5. He Loves Tennis

But what’s one of Conrad Ricamora’s hobbies? The actor loves tennis! Ricamora is so good at the sport that he earned a scholarship when he went to college. Though he no longer participates as a competitive player, Ricamora takes the time to enjoy the sport when he came. Otherwise, he tries to stay active and fit by engaging in other activities like hiking and swimming.

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