A Pussycat On Poppers? Scherzinger Allegedly Breathes Deep While Out At A Gay Club

Image from Scherzinger’s Instagram

Nicole Scherzinger has never been fully out of the spotlight, but she’s been in it more recently because of her reuniting the Pussycat Dolls for an X Factor performance and their 2020 world tour.  When we watched the medley, I think many of us were wondering if those were all the same pussies (or cats or what do you call them?) from the original group.   

PCD Dropped A Medley Of Hits Along With A Brand New Single!

We are not sure where the … um … other members have been, but we’ve seen Nicole recently as she’s hopped around reality tv judging spots (X Factor & The Masked Singer).  With them all back purring together, we’ll need to bring back those decade old gyrating moves we used to do on the dance floor.  That’s all we needed to get things going on the dance floor, right? Some PCD tunes?  Well it seems Nicole might need a little pick-me-up of a different kind. 

Are Poppers Not A Health Risk If They Aren’t Addictive?


The Sun claims that Nicole “sniffed poppers” recently while out with her new boyfriend and fellow singer Sam Smith. “Last night was so weird … I ended up caught between Nicole Scherzinger and her fit rugby boyfriend and Sam Smith,” a fellow club goer told The Sun.  Apparently it was Scherzinger’s pals that started handing out the VCR cleaning fluid (or whatever we are calling it now, whatever it is made from). 

Internet Death Drops After Charli XCX Yells ‘Gay Rights’ While Holding Poppers

I think the last time I was offered the toxic smelling vial was in Seattle at Cuff on the dance floor. Some random guy walked up to me with bottle in hand and placed it in my face at chin level. With no time to say anything, my reflexes kicked in and I gave his hand back to him at chest level.  

Lucille Ball Was Doing Poppers For Years

I’ve never been a fan of poppers. One of my friends used to joke that his boyfriend died of a poppers overdose.  No, not funny, but we were young and foolish. But what has not changed is my dislike for them.

Are poppers on the rise? Are our younger gays using them more or is it just the older generation that seems to enjoy the fumes? Let us know your thoughts. 

Gotta love Urban Dictionary

I’ve placed some links to past popper posts that we’ve done, one in which it asks are poppers a health risk and two that seem to have straight celebs using/promoting poppers. 

And does it depend on who offers you the poppers? If the guy was hotter in Seattle, would I have been more accepting? What if it was this guy below, rumored boyfriend/fling of Nicole, Thom Evans. Sniff Sniff?



Scherzinger will head out on tour with the Pussycat Dolls in 2020.  Will she be popping and locking in gay bars across the world?

And to those that use poppers, enjoy.  It’s just another tool used to have a good time, but like anything put into your body, safety should be first.

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