Adam Devine Discusses His Infamous Full-Frontal Scene

Credit: Watch What Happens Live YouTube

Adam Devine became one of the few men in Hollywood to go full-frontal when he dropped trou in the 2018 Netflix film Game Over, Man!

The infamous scene is one that he’s discussed at length over the past year. He even had a hilarious talked with his father about it at one point. 

The conversation about his privates continued on Watch What Happens Live last night. Adam, 35, chilled in the Bravo clubhouse with Southern Charm star Shep Rose and three smoking hot members of the St. Louis Blues hockey team. That’s a lot of meat in a very small space.

A WWHL caller asked him what it was like for his friends and family to see him naked in the film. “The weird part is is like I wrote that movie and we had been writing it and rewriting it for like five years, so I was fully prepared for them to see my d**k,” he revealed. 

“But the weirdest part was my mom was sitting right next to me at the premiere and she, like because she was I think a little uncomfortable, kept creeping up into my ear and being like ‘this is so good’ as my d**k is like ‘clack, clack, clack’.”

This prompted Andy, 50, to ask Adam if his d**k really does go “clack, clack, clack”. He stood by his noisy claim (watch the clip above).

Adam, along with Chris Pine and Jay Mohr, revealed all in 2018. They join a small but amazing roster of men who have done the same over the past couple of decades that include Ben Affleck and Richard Gere.


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