Alex Diaz Is Swimming In Projects After Being Outed

Image via Instagram @alexandermcdizz

We’re happy to share that things are looking up for Alexander Diaz.

Back in October, we shared the unfortunate story of Alex Diaz with you all. The Filipino-Scottish actor had been outed as bisexual. The actor had started up a private text conversation with online fitness coach Miguel Lagman Chanco, but Chanco wasn’t comfortable with the conversation’s subject matter. He then decided to share screenshots of the private Instagram chat with other social media users.

The screenshots show that Diaz had asked Chanco if he “accepted indecent proposals.” Chanco responded no and Diaz quickly apologized. The actor then asked for Chanco to not share the conversation with others. Clearly, Chanco did not listen.

The leaked chat ultimately led to Alex Diaz having to come out publicly as a bisexual man.

“I ask forgiveness from my management, the brands, supporters, friends, my family and everyone else I let down by what I did and/or who I am,” he wrote on Instagram after being outed. “Im sorry, I was wrong in my actions and failed to uphold the values I so strongly try to convey online. It was not my intention to hurt anyone or elude the truth of who I am for all these years but rather a showbiz decisions based on the state of our nation in regards to acceptance and representation of who I am.”

He then added, “But I sincerely thank everyone for not failing to remind me that I am human and that I too am loved.”

But two months later, Alex Diaz has shared with the world that coming out has actually helped him. Immediately after coming out, Diaz took a break from the spotlight and took a trip to Canada. But while taking that quick break, Diaz was met with a round of project proposals. It appears that his being outed and officially coming out resulted in executives looking his way. He now says he has gained 4 acting projects.

“Im literally living my dreams and everything is exactly as it should be in my head,” Diaz told fans through social media. “So if you’re feeling alone like its not going to get better. Just rmmbr that I got you and ima make sure it never stays hard for ppl like u [sic].”

We’re happy to hear that Alexander Diaz is doing better. Congratulations!

Source: Inquirer Entertainment

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